Zalias jewelry is refined, modern, delicate jewelry that elevates your look and makes you feel beautiful. Designed to be lightweight and feel effortless, while adding an air of sophistication, Zalias jewelry is dainty, yet striking, and brings out your own inner beauty. All jewelry is made using gold fill, steel, and brass, and is completely handmade by Tiffany Zal-Herwitz with delicate care and attention to details.

Tiffany Zal-Herwitz, the artist behind Zalias Jewelry, lives in Missoula, MT where the winters bite, the rivers rush, and mountains are unending. After quitting college to explore more hands on learning and gain more life experience, she started dabbling in jewelry making. That was eight years ago, and she hasn’t stopped! Since then she’s held multiple jobs in the field, allowing her to gather knowledge and experience, and take a few workshops to fill in the gaps (although it seems like there’s always something new to learn). She took all her built upon knowledge and started making jewelry full time in 2017 in her tiny studio, where she works most of the week. In her downtime, she enjoys snuggling her cats, thrifting, working on a puzzle, or roaming in nature with her dog.

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