Tiffany Zal-Herwitz, the artist behind Zalias Jewelry, lives in Missoula, MT where the winters bite, the rivers rush, and mountains are unending. Her jewelry is made with brass, steel, and gold, and is inspired by the attraction of opposites, and the unlikely synergy of elegance, grit, boldness, and delicacy. Tiffany started making jewelry about 7 years ago as a creative hobby using old recycled hardware bits and bike parts. Since then she’s worked at a bead shop, where she learned the ropes of basic jewelry making and repair work, got familiar with tools, and had access to endless supplies. She followed this up with a job held as as a studio assistant, making jewelry for an established fine jeweler, where she learned about production work, sustaining a jewelry business, and received exposure to the ins and outs of making this your profession. She took all her built upon knowledge back to her favorite place, Missoula, MT where she’s since set up shop at her tiny at home studio, where she works most of the week. In her downtime, she enjoys snuggling her cats, thrifting, working on a puzzle, or roaming in nature with her dog.

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