About Me

A decade ago, at 20 years old, I dropped out of college with no plan, and no idea where life would take me. I did, however, have a burning fire within me to prove to myself and to the world that my skillful hands and artistic eye was worth investing in, and that I could support myself by doing what I loved.

Turning away from a traditional education, was scary, but felt right. Traditional has never been my style anyways. The world provided me with teachable moments much richer than anything college could have. The path towards
 turning my craft into a career has been slow, winding, and full of bumps. It didn't happen overnight. But I am proud to say that ten years later, I work full time as a jeweler, from my small, at home studio, in Missoula, MT, and get to spend every day creating beauty from my hands, my head, and my heart and share it with the world.

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My Mission

As a petite, quiet woman, I have often been overlooked and underestimated. It's been a journey to find my voice, take up space, and feel sure of myself. I know that isn't a unique experience, and that most women can relate. That's why I strive to make jewelry that helps all women feel their most confident, amazing, empowered self when worn.

which is why my #1 goal is to:

create simple, high-quality everyday jewelry for hardworking women who want to feel effortlessly beautiful, strong, and confident


 Additional Values


I also am moved to keep my footprint dainty by

  • designing simply, with minimal material, and minimal waste
  • using recycled metals whenever I can. The majority of the steel I use is re-purposed, and second hand. I also recycle my scrap metal, and create as little waste as possible
  • sourcing ethically, from independent, or local businesses whenever possible, and source all materials from within the US.
  • recycling & re-using all packaging that comes into the studio
  • I only use compostable, re-used, or recyclable materials to ship your jewelry 

Giving Back

I believe in putting my money where my mouth is. Social justice, equal rights for women, trans, lgbtq+, racial equity, and saving the planet are things I want to support through my business. This is why I donate a portion of my profits regularly to organizations doing important work in these fields.

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