What Does Zalias Mean?

Zalias (pronounced ZAH-LEE-US) is actually the root of my maiden name Zal. It's Lithuanian, and translates to green, raw, or unripe. 

Do you accept returns?

I do not accept returns, but offer exchanges if requested within 14 days of receiving your item, or store credit. Contact me directly if you aren't satisfied with your purchase, and we will work it out!

How long will my order take?

Most items are made to order, and generally take up to 3 days to get out the door. Shipping is usually 2-4 days.

Do you offer local pickup?

Yes! If you live in Missoula, you have the option of picking up, or having me do a drop off for free at checkout

What is my jewelry made of?

For all materials info and upkeep, check out this blog post

Why Steel?

read about all the benefits of using steel here

Can you fix something if it breaks?

Most of the time, yes! I can do repairs, or single earring replacements on a case by case basis. If something breaks within a year of owning it, any repairs are free. After that, there' a small fee for materials and labor. Contact me to inquire about your needs.

Can my jewelry get wet?

Steel should never get wet, as it can lead to rusting. If it does, dry immediately. Be sure to remove before showering, swimming, or dancing in the rain

All other metals used in my jewelry are fine to get wet

Can a necklace be shortened or lengthened?

Most necklaces can be ordered at different lengths so that it fits you just where you want it. For more flexibility, I recommend chain extenders which give two inches of adjustability, or more if you buy them in sets and link them together!

How do I measure my ring size?

Here is a really handy reference for figuring this out Ring Size Guide

Will my jewelry tarnish?

It will only tarnish if made with brass or bronze, but can easily be brought back to it's shine with super fine steel wool or a polishing cloth. If you wear your brass/bronze a lot, it usually stays pretty bright. It's when it's tucked away for too long that it darkens.

Steel and silver are already oxidized in all my jewelry so definitely don't try to polish those. Never use abrasives on gold fill. If you aren't sure what your jewelry is made of, refer to the product listing, or shoot me an email!

Read more about all the materials I use and the TLC they need here

How do I untangle chain?

I am a pro at this. Here's a video tutorial on my instagram. If you still can't untangle it after watching, send your necklace to me and I'll help you out for a small fee.

Can I get something custom made?

I am always open to customizing orders and working with your vision to personalize something. Contact me and we can discuss whether it's something I can make happen!